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Your implementation & adoption partner

with expertise in meaningful behavior change.

👋🏼 Hi there!  We are coliberate, an implementation partner that supports organisations in their most challenging change journeys.

We apply our expertise in meaningful behaviour change to help you with the adoption of new solutions, ways of working and collaboration. Not only do we aim for better outcomes (#BetterChange). We make every change journey more fluent & effective (#ChangeBetter).

Being part of the Cronos ecosystem, we are at home in the world of digital transformation. But don't be misled. We also love to help you with your ability to execute in the fields of strategy, sustainability and HR.

Better change.
Change better.


70% of business & digital transformations fail

While the quality of plans and solutions is often up to par, the challenge for organizations lies in the realm of human implementation and adoption.


#Human-centered #BehavioralChange

That is why we are here,
to help you to:

  • Boost the success rate of your next change journey

  • Get a grip on strategic, tactical & operational challenges

  • Shift from mechanical ‘OK’ to culturally anchored

  • Empower self-reliance in the realm of behavioral change

  • Put an end to frustrations and escalating costs

  • Revitalise workplace enthusiasm

Strengthened by experts from the academic, scientific & business world.

Highlighting some of our clients

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R = Q x A

(Y)our formula for success

The Best Results (R) come from High-Quality Solutions (Q), being Adopted & Effectively Used by People (A).

You could read this formula in its mechanic form. We prefer a more organic view, as we belief adoption is inherently purpose & outcome driven.

That is why we also help you to define better outcomes and to craft better solutions. As such, we drastically decrease the need to add mechanic adoption interventions. All thanks to our human-centered take on things.

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What we offer

In a world of relentless change, swirling complexity, and tantalizing ambiguity, we confront both challenges and thrilling opportunities. Organizations must supercharge their change readiness, kicking it off at the top. Our approach is a catalyst for your evolution.

1. Ignite

From inspiring keynotes to innovative behavioural design games and impactful capability-building programs. We IGNITE those very next steps you need, however small.

2. Advance

From insights that matter to planning for impact and implementing for success. We act alongside you on 1 or 2 challenging change projects to help you ADVANCE. The core of our activities as implementation partner.

3. Evolve

When you're gearing up for your next epic challenge, remember, we're just a call away to help you EVOLVE. We're your change buddies, ready to infuse the essential competencies & cultivate those future-fit behaviors.

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Our Team

Coliberate was founded in 2022 by Susannah Roussaux & Bart Couwels. Our team of fantastic coliberators keeps growing, so we're continuously seeking new talent to enhance our impact.


If you were to meet Coliberate as one person, you'd encounter someone characterised by a positive and solution-oriented mindset, infused with creativity and pragmatism. A dedicated team player with analytical skills, a critical thinker who pays meticulous attention to detail. Someone who highly values collaboration, making an impact, authenticity, fairness, curiosity, and playfulness.

Uniqueness that
defines us

  • Behavioral Design: the vital connection between People and Solutions

  • Powered by an A-Team of exceptional experts

  • Implementation partners unconstrained by solution and expertise boundaries

  • We are outcome- & action-oriented partners! Beyond knowledge and insight, we're in this together

  • Our unwavering support throughout your journey

  • And, we add a dash of fun to every collaboration!

Now, how can we help?

+32 477 780 982

Veldkant 33a

2550 Kontich 

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